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Enquiry Form for Tower Packings, Ferrules, Acidproof Bricks and our Services

1. Do you use -
  a) Ceramic Towerpackings Yes No
  b) Plastic Towerpackings Yes No
  c) Metal Towerpackings Yes No
  d) Ferrules for waste heat boilers Yes No
2. What type of towerpackings/ferrules are being presently being used in your plant?
    Please specify sizes in inches/mm/units Please specify material, Grade/Guage/Thickness
Raschig Rings
Lessing / Partition / 2cell/ 3cell/ 4cell rings
Pall rings
Vertical Slot Rings
INT-LOX Saddles
Serrated Saddles
Berl Saddles
Honeycomb Bodies
Catalyst Bed Support
  If others please specify:
3. If you would like to provide the chemical environment and temperature of usage, please provide below.
4. What is the quantity of towerpackings/ferrules purchased per year/ per shutdown?
5. Would you opt for
Standard rate over a period of time An order by order offer
6. Any other information that you would like to provide:
In case of ferrules, please provide us drawings (if available).You can also scan the drawings and send them by email to
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